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Capital City Protective Services II is one of the fastest growing providers of armed security officer services in the Metropolitan Area and was established in 2013. CCPS II has a fully operational Special Police office and state of the art training operation. Christopher Bell is the President and CEO of our illustrious company and he continues to forge a strong clientele base that’s focused squarely on results.

CCPS II is headquartered in Lanham MD and has been a valuable asset to the surrounding community. CCPS II provides the highest quality Special Police details to Metropolitan area, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and continues to expand its operations to across the Mid Atlantic region.

When CCPS II entered the market Christopher Bell pledged to work with clients to develop viable solutions to their problems. He has consistently raised the standards of how a well-organized and committed company should operate in today’s highly demanding security market.

Because of the hard work and dedication to client/customer satisfaction CCPS II has become a formidable company in the armed security market. With a stellar record of developing comprehensive programs, excellent documentation, detailed safety and security checks, Mr. Bell has grown CCPS II into thriving corporation. He continues to strategically plan and expand the corporation and has garnered the respect of the industry as a leader in housing, corporate and retail security.

These key elements have allowed the CCPS II to retain its clients and thusly see continued growth in revenue and stature.

Capital City Protective Services II, LLC is currently licensed to provide service in the District of Columbia, State of Maryland, Commonwealth of Virginia, State of Georgia, and the State of Florida


Quality Control

Capital City Protective Services, II (CCPS II) prepares daily inspection reports. With a full time command staff of quality assurance specialists, CCPS II can meet your control/assurance needs. CCPS II knows what to look for and understands what important elements are required in assessing quality. CCPS II inspects the report logs, the officers appearance, the cleanliness of the post and officer’s knowledge of their job. CCPS II checks the work history of past employers, their military, criminal, driving and credit history of each applicant are also verified. Applicants are given reading and writing assessment before they are hired. These requirements can give CCPS II a basic understanding of how an individual will respond with our clients.

Site Inspections

The CCPS II quality control team makes unannounced site visit on a 24-hours basis to provide oversight and management of the customers facility. When a deficiency is discovered, we prepare a detailed report describing the result of each inspection.

Daily Management

CCPS II command staff and field commanders are available to answer questions and respond to emergencies on a daily basis to ensure client satisfaction. . Each client site is assigned a field commander. Our clients are given a daily report, in detailed report form, each morning. Emergency situations are documented and after hour notifications are made.

Management Oversight

CCPS II field commanders are obligated to meet with clients daily or immediately in case of emergencies. Our total commitment is focused on achieving excellence and pleasing our customers. CCPS II returns telephone calls within minutes and responds, reports or returns to the facility within an hours notices.

Licensed and Insured

Capital City Protective Services II, LLC and its personnel are fully certified, bounded and licensed according to Local, State and Federal regulations.


Superior Service

& Accountability

Our commitment is to provide the highest level of special police & security services while maintaining a focus on delivering outstanding customer service. This helps us to ensure that we are accountable for meeting goals and targets while providing you with unparalleled real time executive visibility and reporting.

Hands-On Management

  We employ a rigorous employee screening and training approach, a disciplined and proactive management system and an application of leading technology that delivers streamlined operations, improved operating controls, and better reporting systems that translates into a reliable security partner for you.

Experienced Leadership & Dedicated Officers

Our leadership has an extensive background 

and experience in law enforcement, corporate security, counter-terrorism, military, executive protection, as well as higher education and cultural facilities. They will ensure dedicated team management; team training in security best practices; and, open door communication every step of the way. 

Ready, Responsive, Reliable Officers

When hiring CCPS II special police and security officers, you are supporting veterans of the U.S. military and law enforcement. As an added safeguard CCPS II embraces a vigorous and comprehensive employee screening and interview evaluation process. Our Security Industry Board Certified Managers provide on-going training in vital subjects such as Active Shooter, Access Control, Professionalism and Courtesy, de-escalation of a potentially violent confrontation, to name but a few. Our high success rates in client retention in the demanding and competitive greater Metropolitan Area market provide a noteworthy fact that instantly distinguishes us from all other providers. 



Capital City Protective Services Crime Information Database Systems (CCID®)

Capital City Protective Services is pleased to offer Your community/Business its proprietary Capital City Protective Services Crime Incident Database System (CCID®) – an integrated cloud system that generates instant incident, business infraction, barring notices. CCID® is designed to provide immediate notification to designated individuals via SMS and/or email for emergency situations (e.g., active shooter, suspicious package, medical emergency, etc.) while simultaneously calling designated emergency responder.

Security Services

Capital City Protective Services II will provide special police/security officers at sufficient levels to secure Your community/Business. Supported by professional, experienced management staff and quality assurance systems, our special police will perform any and all duties requested by management.

Capital City Protective Services II provides detailed reporting of all operations, activities, and incidents. The extensive quality control systems and technology utilized by Capital City Protective Services II provides an array of reporting options. This technology allows Capital City Protective Services II to efficiently create custom reports according to the community/Business’ specifications. Examples of standard reports include:

Daily Activity Reports (DARs): All officers will record their activity and observations on the Daily Activity Report. Officers complete Daily Activity Reports (DARs) every shift. Capital City Protective Services II management reviews these reports regularly and provides copies of the DARs Your community/Business Management via email as requested.

• Incident Reports: Incident Reports will be completed as needed to collect and record additional information about specific and significant incidents. Incident Reports will be submitted to the Property Manager for review in a timely manner (ideally by the end of the shift, no more than 24 hours after the incident). The completed reports are provided to Your community/Business Management via email.

• Watch Commander Inspection Reports: Watch Commander Inspection Reports records officer inspections on a tablet and uploads reports to a cloud-based platform. Inspection reports include photos, dates, signatures, and predetermined response formats (e.g., yes/no, 1 through 5, pick list of valid answers, date, signature, etc.) to ensure that assessment criteria are uniformly applied. With appropriate secured access rights, detailed inspection data is available to Capital City Protective Services II and designated representatives from the city 

Safeguarding What Matters To You

Your community/Business management in real-time via the Internet. Reports are also available automatically via email the instant they are uploaded from the tablet device.

• Summary Reports: All incidents and activity are recorded by the Program Manager, who prepares a monthly summary of incidents for each post and the facility as a whole. Monthly or as otherwise scheduled, the Program Manager will meet with Your community/Business to review the summary and discuss any recommendations to adjust and improve service quality. These summary reports and related technology, in conjunction with regular communication between on-site staff and management, ensure that any concerns are quickly identified, documented, and addressed. In addition, these documents allow us to review and identify trends in activity and implement adjustments to staffing assignments and operations.

Body Worn Cameras-

Capital City Protective Services II, LLC has partnered with Axon for the purchase of body worn Cameras that are worn by officers while on patrol. The cameras are utilized for interactions between the officers and the public as well as documenting any major incident, but not limited to the use for verification of business checks, and proper patrols conducted by the on duty officers.


CCPS II has a 24-hour Communication Command Center. C3 is staffed by security-trained operators who are employees of CCPS II. The Center is assured of continuous operation, and multiple telecommunication providers and includes domiciling facilities for extended emergencies. The Center is also equipped with the latest telephone and computer technology; assuring calls are placed into the proper priority queues and in accordance with operating procedures. All activities conform to published service levels and all calls are voice monitored with digital playback available for individual call review and documentation 

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